[Smart Port Aluminum Car Charger] aLLreLi 36W. (5 V. 7.2A) 3 Ports USB Car Charger- Premium Intelligent Car Power Adapter w/Smart I C [Universal] for USB Charger Devices- (Universal)- Model-ALLAT0406_J9KLE

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I was sent this aLLreLi 3 Port  USB car charger from the aLLreLi company so I could evaluate this product and provide an unbiased review for the aLLreLi company. It arrived in a small square box with the company’s logo and product description on the box. Inside the box is the product, a 3 port car charger. This 3 port USB car charger is very easy to use and one of the best things about it is any device that uses a micro USB cable to download or sync is able to use this for charging the device. It will charge up to 3 devices or products at one time, each has its own smart detect technology which detects and automatically adjusts its output to make sure it recharges the device at the safest speed. It is equipped with overcharging protection, short circuiting protection, overcurrent and overheating protection. It also has an LED light that lets you know the device is working to charge the devices. When your devices have fully charged it has the capability to stop charging and does. It is covered by an 18 month warranty.

I recommend this aLLreLi 36 W. 3 port USB car charger for anyone who has any type of  electronics that use micro charger USB cables to recharge. It is a universal 3 port car charger meaning any of your devices that use a USB cable to sync and download will use the same thing to recharge. Just use the USB cable from your own device, this product doesn’t come with any USB cables. To use it just plug your USB cable into one of the open slots, and plug the car charger into your cars cigarette lighter plug. You can charge up to 3 devices at one time with this device. It is made of good quality materials, you can tell from the way it feels in your hand and the way it plugs into the ports. It is solid and the connections are very smooth. This product is covered by a 18-month warranty, if you have any problems just contact the company and let them know.

>* I was provided with this aLLreLi 36 W. 3 port USB car charger from the aLLreLi company without cost so I can evaluate this product and provide an unbiased review of this product for the aLLreLi company. All opinions are 100% honest, truthful, and my own.


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Former Paramedic/Firefighter of over 18 years now stay at home mom, disabled, divorced. I love working with my pets, as well as doing volunteer work. This blog is about doing honest product reviews on any products sent to me from companies or sites to test and tryout their products. I am not paid for my opinion on these products, however I do get to keep the product I am testing and reviewing.

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