USpicy Sleep Mask with Ear Buds and Travel Pouch-Contoured Shape, Perfect Fit, Lightweight, Silky Softness, One Size Fits All, Quality Sleep Guaranteed

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I was sent  this product, the USpicy Sleep mask with ear buds and travel pouch to test and provide an unbiased review of this product for the Uspicy company. I like so many others have trouble sleeping, and any little bit of light that comes through only makes things that much worse. So when I was asked to review this product I was interested in se have seeing what it was about. I also have severe migraines so I knew this would really be able to help during one of my major headache episodes. This mask is really nice, it actually does block out all (and I do mean all) of the light. Most of these masks will ‘leak’ light through either the sides, under the cheeks, or nose. However this mask does not. It is easy to adjust to y our head and face with the adjustable straps. It is comfortable to wear, its lightweight. There really isn’t any added weight to the mask, so even when I am having a severe migraine and my hair hurts I wasn’t looking forward to adding something else to my face that would add additional weight to my face and cause more pain, however I found this mask actually helped me somewhat. It blocked out the light that causes me to be sicker, the silky coolness of the mask felt nice on my skin while I was wearing it. It was lightweight enough so there was no additional pressure on my face or head which could cause additional pain. It comes with ear plugs which help block out the sound. I personally didn’t use the ear plugs, other than to test them,  I have family situations where I cannot take the chance of not hearing something because I had earplugs in. I am looking forward to my next trip, this mask will really come in handy on a trip like that, no matter if it is a driving trip or a long flight either way I can sleep through both with ease. I have used this mask for an afternoon nap and it worked great, but you have to be careful you can end up sleeping all day long.

I recommend this USpicy Sleep Mask with ear buds and a travel pouch.It will block out the light and will help you sleep.It is a great product to have if you have insomnia, or other medical problems that cause you to lose sleep.

>I was provided with this product from the USpicy company without cost so I could test and provide this product with an unbiased review of this product for the USpicy company. All opinions are 100% honest, truthful, and my own.<


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Former Paramedic/Firefighter of over 18 years now stay at home mom, disabled, divorced. I love working with my pets, as well as doing volunteer work. This blog is about doing honest product reviews on any products sent to me from companies or sites to test and tryout their products. I am not paid for my opinion on these products, however I do get to keep the product I am testing and reviewing.

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