Dymo Label Manager 160 Label Maker

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I received this Dymo Label Manager 160 Label Maker from Smiley360. This label maker from Dymo with easy to read instructions. Once I opened the box I read through the instructions on how to set up the label maker, formatting it and basic instructions. I found the instructions easy to understand, easy to read and follow. The Label manager 160 is easy to use, if you can type on a computer keyboard or smartphone keyboard then you can use this keyboard. It is the same type.(QWERTY). The Label Manager 160 formats quickly with one-touch smart keys for your text size, bold, vertical text,italic & underline/ box. You can see what your label is going to look like before you print it out, that way you can make changes or cancel it all together if you decide you want something different. There are six font sizes to choose from, eight text styles, and four boxes plus that you can underline. You can also add a professional impact to your label with 228 symbols and clip-art images. You can use a quick-access key to enter punctuation. You will need 6-AAA Batteries and they are NOT included in this package, you can purchase an AC adapter to use. This is what comes in the box: 1.- Dymo Label Manager 160 Label Maker. 1.- D1- Starter Label cassette black on white, 1/2 x 10. 1.- Quick Start Guide-Instructions. 1.-(1-year Limited warranty card.

I recommend this Dymo Label Manager 160 Label Maker for anyone who is wanting to get more organized. This en label maker is great, it is so much better than the one that I had previously, many years ago. That label maker was fine as long as you had flat items like folders, and boxes. Where as these labels can be used on many items you probably never even considered. I used it to label the wires on my TV and Directv system, and computer. I have also used it on the cookbooks I have, I have used it to label frozen food items in my freezer.The labels from this machine are not like those old thick ones that didn’t stick well (or they stuck too well and left residue that would come off, for years!). This Dymo Label Manager 160 has a 1 year limited warranty from the company, so if you have any problems or concerns you need to contact Dymo about anything.

>-*I was provided with this product from Smiley360 without cost so I could test and provide an unbiased review of this product for Smiley360. All opinions are 100% honest, true, and my own. *-<


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Former Paramedic/Firefighter of over 18 years now stay at home mom, disabled, divorced. I love working with my pets, as well as doing volunteer work. This blog is about doing honest product reviews on any products sent to me from companies or sites to test and tryout their products. I am not paid for my opinion on these products, however I do get to keep the product I am testing and reviewing.

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