BYB Super Brightness LED Portable Collapsible Camping Lantern Flashlight, lightweight and water resistant, Essential For Camping, Hiking,Backpacking, Indoor and Outdoor Activities.

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This  is a portable collapsible camping lantern that is super bright and is weather proof. This little lantern has 300 lumens according to the website, and when you see it you will understand what super bright is. This lantern is light and uses 3 AA batteries, that are NOT included with this purchase. You can use regular or rechargeable batteries in this little light. It has two metal hangers that you can use to help hang this little lantern from while you are using it, the light slides open (upwards) to use the light at full strength. If you want only partial strength or lower light then just slide the light down into the base to the desired level you want. To turn it off completely you slide it all the way into the base so the light goes off. This lantern is good to use during any type of bad weather, we have hurricanes in my part of the country, as well as tornados, flooding, and bad storms and this will work great during power outages. Since it is weather resistant I can use it outdoors during the storms, if need be and not worry about my light going out. This is one light that would be great for your emergency kit, which everyone should have no matter where you live there is always some type of bad weather related emergencies that can happen in every part of the US.

I recommend this BYBLight super bright LED portable collapsible camping lantern for anyone who needs any type of camping lantern, or flashlight. It is a great choice for anyone who does a lot of outdoor activities, but it is also great to have around the house as well. It really works well if you have a child who is afraid of the dark, since it is so simple to operate a child would not have any problems in operating it. If you use rechargeable batteries in it you won’t use up as many batteries either. This has two metal hangers that can be used to hang this lantern up in a tent, if you take it camping, or outside in your backyard to light up your yard.This lantern comes with a 5 year warranty and a lifetime maintenance on this product. So if you ever have any problems or concerns with it all youI

-* I was sent this lantern from BYBLight without cost so I could test and provide an unbiased review of this product for them. All opinions are 100% honest, true, and my own.*-


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Former Paramedic/Firefighter of over 18 years now stay at home mom, disabled, divorced. I love working with my pets, as well as doing volunteer work. This blog is about doing honest product reviews on any products sent to me from companies or sites to test and tryout their products. I am not paid for my opinion on these products, however I do get to keep the product I am testing and reviewing.

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