Jackery Pop Portable External Battery Charger 5200mAh-Orange


This Jackery Pop is a high-capacity battery pack that is made for recharging your smartphone, tablet, digital camera, video camera, MP3 player, PDA, and gaming systems. This high quality, high-capacity battery pack is the perfect traveling companion with its small size it doesn’t take up very much room in your bag, purse, or briefcase. It is perfect to take with you when you are going to be away from home and need to recharge your devices. This little Jackery Pop adds 2-3 full charges to your smartphone (depending on model) and 1-2 full charges to your tablet ( also depending on model). To use the Jackery Pop you simply plug-in your USB cable from your phone, tablet, or device you are wanting to recharge, or you can use the Universal USB cable that is included with this product. Once you plug-in the device push the power button on the bottom front of the Jackery Pop. It will automatically shut itself off when your product is fully charged. On the front of the Jackery Pop you will notice blue LEDs when you push the power button, there are four of them total. To check your battery level the LEDs will let you know how much power is left in your batteries -1- LED Blinking-<5%-1- LED on- 5%- 25%,-2– LEDs on- 25 %- 50%, -3- LEDs on -50%- 75%, -4- LEDs on- 75%- 100%. When the one LED is blinking it is time to recharge the Jackery Pop, you cannot overcharge it. It will shut down automatically when the power level is full. You cannot overheat it, or overcharge it and it takes about 5 hours for it to fully charge the Pop from zero. It comes with an 18 month warranty.

This Jackery Pop is the second smallest of the battery changers from Jackery, It fits in between the Jackery Mini and the Jackery Bar. The Jackery Mini has a power of 3200mAH, and it’s size is 0.8 x 3.7 x 0.9 inches compared to the Jackery Pop which is 5200mAh, which is 2000mAh Larger than the Mini. The size of the Jackery is 3.8 x 0.9 x 1.8 inches and weighs 5.4 ounces. Comparing the Mini to the size of the Pop, the Pop is 1 inch larger in height and weighs 2.68 ounces more. The Jackery Bar’s dimensions are roughly the same size as the Jackery Pop, however the power level is 200mAh more in the Bar and you can only charge one device at a time with the Bar. With the Pop you are able to recharge 2 devices at one time if you  would like.

I recommend this product for anyone who has electronic devices , and that is just about everyone these days. This Jackery Pop is small in size, however it isn’t small in power. It will recharge any of your electronic devices as quickly as possible, because of its small size you can take it with you on road trips and long plane flights and not worry about your electronic devices not having enough power. The Jackery Pop will recharge your smartphone 2-3 times (depending on model) and tablets 1-2  times (also depending on model). The Pop will recharge up to 2 devices at one time. To recharge the Pop it takes about five hours. This is another quality product and Jackery stands behind it with an 18 month warranty.

-*Jackery provided me with this product for me to test and provide an unbiased review on this product for them. All opinions are 100% my own.


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Former Paramedic/Firefighter of over 18 years now stay at home mom, disabled, divorced. I love working with my pets, as well as doing volunteer work. This blog is about doing honest product reviews on any products sent to me from companies or sites to test and tryout their products. I am not paid for my opinion on these products, however I do get to keep the product I am testing and reviewing.

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