Like A Flower In Bloom: A Novel – by Siri Mitchell

Like a Flower in Bloom is a historical novel based in 1852 in Cheshire, England where Charlotte Withersby who is 22 is a botanist. She has just been told by her father that she is going to have to find a husband, settle down, and give up her beloved study of botany. All of this because her uncle convinced him she was getting too old to continue as his assistant, working as a scholar, that she should be a wife and mother instead. Charlotte hopes that is able to change his mind by devising a plan where she pretends an interest in marriage. This plan doesn’t work as she hopes it will.

Having lost her mother at a young age Charlotte lacks the social graces and tact she would have learned by being around the maternal side of society. However this does make for many entertaining and funny situations that occured through out the whole book from one social faux pax to the next. You will find yourself laughing throughout the book from beginning to end.

Like a Flower in Bloom keeps you interested from the very first page until the very last page. The characters completely unfold before you and alive. It is like you are able  to see the whole story as it happens in front of you. It is a historical romance however it is a Christian romance, so it’s message is clear and very clean. That God is much bigger than we give Him credit for, and when we look for answers it isn’t possible we can find any less of God when there is much more of Him to be discovered.

My opinion is that this book is wonderful to read, it kept me entertained the whole time from the first page to the last. I didn’t have anytime in between where it was slow or lagging behind. I would recommend this book to anyone who was looking for a funny, historical romance this is it.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House so I could provide an unbiased review of this book.


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